November 2nd 2010

Monsters they eat, your kind of meat.

January 17th 2007

(It's stained with blood, I can't read it...)

October 28th 2006

"I've no eyes, but once
did see, thoughts had I,
but now I'm white, and

December 11th 2004

Tonight leaving Helter Skelter Labs I found a note on my car with the following written on it, "Offer the Blood of the Ten Sinners and the White Oil.
Be then released from the bonds of the flesh, and gain the Power of Heaven.
From the Darkness and Void, bring forth Gloom,
and gird thyself with Despair for the Giver of Wisdom."

November 21st 2004

Hoodies and hats available soon. Check back periodically for the updated items.

November 14th 2001

On the subway today, a___ came _____ lonely man, talking about the weather and other things. I tried -------- and accommodating. But my head began to hurt .... his banality. I almost didn't notice it had happened, but I ---------------p all over him. We was not ple-------- couldn't help laughing.

July 28th 2000

The voices in my head grow heavier and stronger. I don't think I can..............(entry illegible).......... take over reality, blurring the lines. Helter Skelter will come to pass. Helter Skelter will soon be here.

May 29th 1998
No entry...

May 27th 1998
grows musty and feels very itchy. By way or revenge, I didn't feel those
----- today. Now I feel__ better.

May 24th 1998
No entry...

May 21st 1998
What kind of joke is this?!

May 19th 1998
Fever gone but itchy. Hungry and eat doggy food.

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